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Takahara Hara

Exhibition of Takahiro Hara celebrating the publishment of the second personal work collection

June 3 - 24
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM open everyday during the period.

Mr. Hara published his first personal work collection just 10 years ago, which introduced his works of the past 10 years.

I wrote some comment for that collection, said "an artist has to decide the way of his arts at the very first period" , so the works of this period are really important.

Time passed by, after 10 years, when the artist is about 45 years old, he published his second personal collection, and held a solo exhibition, which gives people a chance to know his latest works and feel his improvement.

( by the owner of Zokyudo Gallery )

Takahiro Hara
Born on 1971 in Hiroshima. He had studied the Realism Art in Spain after graduate from the Kanazawa College of Art.

Takahiro Hara - Desnuda tumbado

Desnuda tumbado ( 61.3 × 130.3 cm still in production )

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