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Most of YU-ICHI's works are just as great asa those works of Yan Zhenquing or Daitokokushi which can impress everyone majestically , while he also has many other works were overwritten on flops as if nothing had happpened , or wqork asa if they werewritten absent-mindedly .

" If you haven't once done a revolution to forget all the techniques , return to original and become simple and pure like a child , you will never be able to accomplish great arts that can be handed on from age to age . " said YU-ICHI .

His arts are not simplex . We should not only treasure the superior side , but also try to appreciate whole parts of them .

YU-ICHI's works have attracted worldwide attentions nowadays , and we can say his art style is more or less influenced by the modeling senses of those American abstract painting artists who he had contact with . We want to be proud of YU-ICHI's art , as his works are even highly evaluated in the cradle of calligraphy , China .

YU-ICHI Inoue -喝

喝  ( work in 1961 , Ink on Japanese paper 114.5 × 165.1 cm )

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