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Tomoko Iwasaki and Shunkichi Baba , painting and HAIKU

June 2 ( Sat ) - 16 ( Sat )
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM no closing in this term

Shunkichi Baba is a director of Nagoya Boston Museum of Fine Arts and is also a doctor, and is famous as a haiku poet, too.

Tomoko Iwasaki is known as a challenger to the possibility of expression beyond the material of paintings.

Shunkichi Baba who got idea in Tomoko Iwasaki's painting composes haiku.

We are sure this collaboration of painting and haiku will bring us much pleasantness.

Tomoko Iwasaki - Onion

Tomoko Iwasaki - Onion  46 × 53.3 cm

Tomoko Iwasaki -  Wild grapevine

Tomoko Iwasaki - Wild grapevine  50.6 × 73.4 cm

Tomoko Iwasaki - Sunflower

Tomoko Iwasaki - Sunflower  38.5 × 45.9 cm

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