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  • Opening hours. The gallery is open [12:00-18:00].
    Please check the opening days on the calendar below before visiting the exhibition.
  • 8月カレンダー
  • 9月カレンダー
  • 【CAUTION】PLEASE BEWARE OF MALICIOUS SCAM WEBSITE! It has come to our great concern recently that a scam online shopping mall is using our company name, location,
    and company profile to sell general merchandise including paintings. The website seems to be operated from overseas.
    Please be well notified that our one and only official URL is "".

    In addition, we are not responsible for any trouble between the scam website and the customers.
    Your attention to this issue will be very much appreciated, thank you!

    【紧急通知】请警惕恶性诈骗网站! 近期我们发现有外国的诈骗网站正在盗用敝公司的公司名称,所在地等公司信息,并向顾客们兜售各种杂货以及绘画作品等等。


    Welcome to Zokyudo Gallery

    • Introducing the next generation in art since1975

    Located on the ground floor of the Honnoji Cultural Building ( Honnoji Bunka Kaikan ), South of the City Hall on the opposite side of Oike dori, a 15 minutes taxi ride from the central JR train station ( take the North Exit ).

    Our aim is to discover promising excelling artists with an individuality not to be denied, to share them with people who treasure the delights art brings and together add new senses of value to the beauty of art.

    We deal with a broad range of works from individual collectors to corporate collections and with our experience in the field we will also attend to any question related to art or give you advise when requested.

    We have published books on a few artists who are represented by us ( Masataka Oyabu, Shiro Wake, Nahoko Kimura, Takahiro Hara ) so again feel free to contact us on any ART related matter.



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